Grishma Metal Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of Molybdenum Compounds in India.We are specialized in producing Ammonium Molybdate,Sodium Molybdate,Molybdic acid,Molybdenum Trioxide,Molybdenum Sulphide,Potassium Molybdate and Lithium Molybdate.


We produce high quality Molybdenum compounds.Our proprietory technologies used in processing Molybdenum Oxide into various Molybdenum compounds yields unmatched purity and quality.We precisely control the process to ensure Moly compounds meet our stringent purity requirements.

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped with qualified staff & each dispatch is subjected to extensive testing procedures for assuring quality products to our customers.

Timely delivery

Our powerful team of administration ensures timely delivery of the goods. Our unit is located on the outskirts of Mumbai Metropolis,for quick and easy infrastructure.

Tailormade material

We are specialized in producing Molybdenum Compounds tailored as per individual customer's specifications.